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"Dancing With Joy"


Sheri O.★★★★★


Today is a celebration, after 3 years with working with [the] Law Group ..., I am DEBT FREE!!!! When I started with [the] Law Group the emotions of failure and desperation was the forefront of my being...Now, 3 years later I am dancing with extreme JOY of Accomplishment and Satisfaction. When I was in the 3 year mark of business and realizing that the credit card companies would not work with me on getting them paid, I turned to The  Law Group, who became my voice. Yes, it took time, patience, and listening to their advice. My credit score 1 year ago was horrific and per [their] advice it raised almost 150 points. THANK YOU...THANK YOU....AND THANK YOU

"We Are Debt Free"

"They [took] care or everything"

 Lori S★★★★★


My husband and I had been struggling with some credit card debt due to my health issues and having been unable to work at times. From the first day that I called the  Law Group they have taken care of everything, they negotiated with our creditors and were able to set up a payment schedule that met our needs and one we could afford. We are debt free from those creditors as of today. I want to thank the  Law Group for being patient with us and helping us achieve the best possible outcome. All those involved with our case were absolutely wonderful, they always took our calls and at no time did I ever feel like a burden, they were always there ready to take care of our needs. I recommend [The] Law Group to anyone that struggles with debt. Thank you again. 

"Pitt Bulls"

Debt fighters

 Joe C.★★★★★


The Law Group assisted me in resolving debt problems that had consumed my life. I cannot express my gratitude enough. Their call alerting me that my settlement was complete was a fresh breeze that swept away a burden that had been keeping me down for years. I feel as though, for the first time in a long time, I am on a path to regaining my life back. The Law Group has been a stalwart ally and support as I worked to resolve these debt problems. Their representatives are pit bulls, and I am grateful to have had them on my side. I cannot thank them enough for their kind words, pugnacious spirit, and strong support over the last 3 years. Today I feel blessed.

"Restoring My Credit"

Great Credit Score

Karen B.★★★★★


I can’t say enough to praise the Law Group for their assistance to me. I was way over my head in credit card debt and interest. The Law Group was extremely helpful in settling my debts and restoring my credit. They set up a manageable payment schedule for me, and my debts were settled a few months earlier than the 36 months I had expected. The staff there are very supportive; they answered my questions and assured me that the process would positively work out. I’m so grateful for the work of the Law Group.

"Doubt No More"




I would like to sincerely thank the  Law Group for helping me get out of debt. When I first started the program in October 2013, I was over $20,000.00 in debt with seven (7) creditors and couldn’t see my way out. Ms.  B*** patiently explained the whole program to me because to tell you the truth, I was very skeptical and praying that this was not a scam. [Ms. B***] and her team were able to negotiate final balances with all of my creditors so that the negotiated rates were very manageable to pay each month. Three years and two months later in December 2016, I can honestly tell you that I have completed the program and the seven (7) creditors have been paid off. I just checked my credit scores on Credit Karma this morning and my Equifax credit score has increased by 137 points!!!!! I thought I was looking at someone else’s credit scores!!!! If you have any doubts about allowing the  Law Group to get you out of debt, doubt no more. As you can see from my above testimony (and I am not being paid to say this), the program really works. I never would have been able to do this without their help. Thank you again, [The] Law Group.

"Huge Relief"


 Susan T ★★★★★


We struggled with our debt for years...taking one step forward, two steps back...after speaking with a representative it was about 4-6 months later that we finally made the move...the decision did not come lightly BUT we were sinking and could see no way out.. After signing up, I felt such a huge relief.. After receiving call that one of the debts had been settled...I literally cried...there are no words to describe the appreciation I have for this group...They have given me hope and for that I am sincerely grateful!