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Debt Mitigation

Strategy for Debt Free Living

Our Consumer Protection Specialists have worked with consumers for over 30 years and have created the most comprehensive approach available. The multi-prong strategy is designed to address all aspects of your current financial challenges and focus on  the goal of living a Financially Fit Life. 

STEP 1 - Getting credit cards and other qualified debt paid down to ZERO using a process known as Debt Mitigation.* 

A special, FDIC insured, account (that YOU own and control) is established. Each month you will set aside an amount that better fits into your budget. Then once a new, adjusted agreement is reached on your behalf, those funds will be used to pay down the account to a ZERO BALANCE.

When negotiated properly by licensed attorneys and certified arbitration professionals your debts are, in most cases,  significantly reduced and resolved in LESS TIME and for LESS THAN WHAT IS OWED. 

STEP 2 - Consumer Protection Services intended to maximize the odds of success.*

Unlike what you may have seen with other programs that appear similar, this multi-prong approach includes fully licensed attorneys and certified industry practitioners who are available throughout your journey to ensure you are protected for any possibility.

While the successful completion of this program will ultimately result in the resolution of debt owed, an improved debt-to-income ratio and an increased knowledge of how to better use unsecured credit products there are potential risks. The possibility of lawsuits by creditors, a credit score that is negatively affected or a settled debt marked on a client's credit report as "settled for less than agreed" or the like, may have a detrimental affect on long-term financial stability and well being for some. While these concerns are valid, we believe, when properly qualified the benefits outweigh the risks.*

STEP 3 - Personalized Credit Improvement Strategy with the goal to leave you in better shape than we found you*

Once you've successfully completed the program our Forensic Audit Specialists are available to make sure you receive a Personalized Credit Improvement Strategy. With a satisfaction guarantee they will work to legally restore your credit profile with all 3 major credit reporting agencies. The system is designed to optimize your score.


Fully trained specialists are available to answer your questions and help provide you a Personalized Financial Fitness Plan TODAY!

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* Individual Results May Vary Based On Ability To Save Funds, Amount Of Debt, Willingness Of Creditors To Negotiate, And The Successful Completion Of All Program Terms. Program Does Not Assume Or Pay Any Debts, Nor Provide Legal Or Tax Advice unless otherwise outlined in subsequent engagement agreements with locally licensed professionals. Please read all contracts carefully before signing. Services Are Not Available In All States.